3 Cosas que debes hacer para no odiar los ejercicios ¡según los expertos!

Te sorprenderá saber que este entrenador tomó una poción de la verdad, o algo así, y confesó que a él tampoco le gusta hacer ejercicios. Puntos para Carter Good por la honestidad; pero, no te alegres tan rápido, porque este profesional del fitness no logró su figura y su buena salud sentado en su sillón viendo películas de Star Wars. Good reconoce que el ejercicio, aunque no te guste, es muy importante, de hecho es “super-duper importante”.

Sin embargo, este entrenador te deja 3 razones muy buenas por las cuales debes hacer actividad física, sí, cualquier; no solo materte en el gym; pero también te muestra 3 malas razones por las cuales te conviertes en uns obsesiva por el fitness poco saludable.

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Si odias hacer ejercicio, esto es lo que deben hacer para cambiar de opinión.

. Do You HATE Exercise? ——— If so, don’t sweat it. ⠀ You see, despite all the #Fitsporation & #FitnessFreaks you see here on IG, the truth is that most people aren’t all gung-ho about working out… ⠀ It might surprise you — considering I’m a fitness coach and all — but I don’t love working out either. ⠀ If you asked me, “would you rather go to the gym or see the new Star Wars movie?” I’d respond with, “butter or no butter?” 🍿☺️ ⠀ But(t🍑) while we may not love it, exercise is still super-duper important! And with a few tweaks, you can make it a much more enjoyable process. (More on that here in a second) ⠀ Losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit ⚖️⬇️. Diet is the most important factor, but how (& how much) you’re exercising plays a significant role, too. ⠀ Here’s the interesting bit… ⠀ Exercise can be a good thing 😇 or a bad thing 😈 ⠀ When Exercise is BAD: ⠀ —> ❌ You’re Only Concerned with Burning Calories 🔥 – which leads to an obsession with wanting to do more & more, and over time, stresses you out to the point of quitting or overeating. ⠀ —> ❌ You’re Using Exercise as Punishment 🤕🥊 – which only worsens your self-image and relationship with exercising. ⠀ —> ❌ You’re Exercising Against Your Goals 👎 – which leaves you spinning your wheels and hating exercise even more… ⠀ When Exercise is a GOOD Thing: ⠀ —> ✅ You’re Exercising Toward Your Goals 👍 – which will maximize your efforts and help you achieve better results. ⠀ —> ✅ You’re Pairing it With Other Chores & Activities 🐶🎧 – which makes it more tolerable. ⠀ TIP: set a rule where the ONLY time you listen to audiobooks or podcasts is when you're exercising. That way, you associate exercise with another positive activity ⠀ —> ✅ You’re Exercising With Friends & Family 👯‍♂️👯 – which creates accountability, and you'll probably end up having more fun too!⠀ ⠀ What’s cool about the three “good things” above is they all make exercise a more enjoyable process… Which makes it easier to stay consistent… Which turns exercise into a habit 🔄 ⠀ Once exercising is a habit, you won’t have to rely on as much motivation or rewards to get going. ⠀ It’ll simply be something you enjoy doing! 😁👍 —

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Lo que NO debes hacer:

  • Solo estás concentrada en quemar calorías, lo que te llevará a una obsesión con hacer cada vez más y más. Usualmente esta obsesión causa demasiado estrés, por lo cual estás expuesta a las ganas de dejar de comer o, por otro lado, atacarte de hambre y comer de más.
  • Usas el ejercicio como un castigo después de haber comido alguna trampa, comida chatarra o dulce. Esto solo creará en tu mente una relación muy negativa con el ejercicio.
  • No estás entrenando según tus objetivos; por eso no estás viendo los resultados esperados en los lugares esperados; y esto te causa frustración.

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🖐 5 TIPS TO MAKE HEALTHY EATING MORE ENJOYABLE 🖐 —— It’s come to my attention that many-a-folk think my diet consists entirely of coffee & pizza ☕️🍕 – And while that does sound magical 🤤, the truth is that most of my diet (~70-80%) comes from nutrient-dense whole foods (🍎🥦🥑🥗🍇🍌) – But here’s the thing —> I’m not chocking down fruits & veggies all day so that I can have my 20-30% of fun… I actually ENJOY the healthy foods that I eat! – Now, I haven’t always been a good little healthy eater 🤗🥗… – I used to be the kid who’d *accidentally* drop his broccoli & Brussels sprouts on the floor for the dog to slurp up. Once I started losing weight, I ate more veggies, but I still didn’t enjoy them. I just assumed I had to eat them to see results… – BUT(t🍑), I've learned to love ‘em, and these five tips played a big part in getting me there: – 1️⃣ Eat Fruits & Veggies You Like – do you like pears but hate apples? Eat more pears. Enjoy spinach but hate kale? Channel your inner Popeye 💪 – 2️⃣ Season ‘em – salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash… use whatever season floats your boat! – 3️⃣ Cook ‘em – boil, sauté, grill, bake… cook them in a way that floats your boat! 😉 – 4️⃣ Think of ‘em like a Utility – an unfortunate side effect of dieting is increased hunger. One benefit of eating fruits and veggies is how they help you get & stay full for fewer total calories! In the long run, avoiding hunger will make it easier to stay consistent and get better results. – 5️⃣ Never Miss a Healthy Meal Twice – don’t think you have to eat healthy every single meal for the rest of your life. That’s waaaay too much pressure, and in my opinion, no way to live. – 6️⃣(bonus) put ‘em ON your pizza 😜 – It’s okay to have ice cream 🍨 and pizza 🍕 on occasion… just make a rule that you’ll ALWAYS follow up your less healthy meals with healthier ones! ——— #cartergood #weightloss #weightlosshelp #weightlosscoach #weightlossjourney #weightlossgoals #weightlossfood #weightlossdiet #healthydiet #healthy #healthyfood #healthymeal #salad #nutrition #nutritioncoach #fitness #fitfood #fitnessfood #diet #dieting #dietfood #flexibledieting #mindfuleating #losingweight #fatloss #eatinghealthy

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Esto es lo que sí deberías hacer:

  • Te convencerás de que el ejercicio es bueno cuando te comiences a entrenar según tus metas, maximices el producto de tu esfuerzo y puedas conseguir los resultados ideales. Así que asesórate con un entrenador.
  • Haz los ejercicios más tolerables juntándolos con otras actividades como escuchar música, mientras ves TV en casa, sacando a pasear a tus mascotas. Good dice que esl mejor tip es hacerte una regla, por ejemplo, solo escucha audio-libros o podcast mientras hacer ejercicios, y así relacionarás el entrenamiento con algo positivo.
  • Busca s tu familia, amigos y comienza a hacer ejercicios con ellos, haz deporte, monta bicicleta, inscríbanse en una clase fitness juntos. Esto aumenta las posibilidades de que te diviernas mucho entrenando.

Back when I was obese, I couldn’t have cared less about what foods I was eating. To me, it was all about taste, quantity, and curing boredom. ⠀ Fruits? Vegetables? Meat & potatoes that WEREN’T fried? ⠀ Yeah… not happening 🙅‍♂️ ⠀ Then things changed a bit (obvs). But instead of going from eating like an asshole to having balance, I skipped right over and went to the other extreme. ⠀ I got to where I was borderline orthorexic (obsession with eating healthy). If it wasn’t “healthy” by my standards, I wouldn’t eat it. Sure, maybe I was physically healthier at this extreme, but I was in mental turmoil. ⠀ I spent many nights at home alone eating boiled broccoli while my friends lived it up on the weekends 😞🥦… ⠀ Nowadays I’m in a much better place. ⠀ But I'm not perfect… ⠀ Sometimes I eat more pizza than I should 🍕 Occasionally I get a bit obsessed with the nutrition info of a meal 📝 ⠀ But overall, I have a healthier, and more importantly, HAPPIER relationship with the food I eat in my day-to-day life. ⠀ And when I think about “how” I got here, two things stand out: ⠀ ONE☝️ —> I learned about food 🧠 ⠀ I learned about Calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, portion sizes, etc. Those things, in turn, taught me there were no "good" or "bad" foods. Rather, some foods were more nutritious than others, and while the focus should be on nutritious whole foods, occasionally eating a Snickers or ice cream in moderation wasn't bad or unhealthy. ⠀ TWO✌️ —> I tracked my nutrition 📝 ⠀ Tracking my food intake reinforced my knowledge of Calories and portion sizes. You see, it's one thing to know it. Applying it and seeing that I could have "bad" foods every once in a while and still lose weight was a game changer. ⠀ What's more, tracking taught me a lot about myself… ⠀ I learned what foods help ME stay full and what food satisfy MY cravings. I also found out what foods increased my cravings, too! ⠀ Takeaway ✅: If you're currently struggling with your eating, I highly recommend doing those two things above. The more awareness you have of what you’re eating, the easier it'll be to find a balance that works for YOU 🥗❤️🍕

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¡Esto es lo que debes hacer si odias los ejercicios!

Sigue una buena dieta y comienza a relacionar la actividad física con pensamientos positivos de manera saludable; porque la realidad es que deberías disfrutar de tus entrenamientos no sufrir por ellos.

Una vez que te diviertas, encuentres el ejercicio perfecto para ti, seas más consistente y recurrente, convertirás los ejercicios en tun hábito para tu vida saludable.

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