Este experto en fitness te revela 5 señales por las cuales no deberías hacer ayuno intermitente

Ya de seguro has escuchado que una de las maneras de adelgazar que están de moda es el ayuno intermitente, hay muchas maneras de llevar a cabo esta práctica pero, como todas las dietas, no es para todo el mundo.

Por esta razón la entrenadora certificada Marci Nevins te da 5 señales claras por las cuales no estás preparada para hacer ayuno intermitente; e igualmente indica 5 factores positivos a considerar para sí realizarlo. Aunque la coach admite que tiene muchos beneficios para la salud en general como el aumento de quema de calorías y una mejor concentración durante el día, hay casos en el cual no se recomienda.

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Estas son 5 señales a tomar en cuenta a la hora de hacer ayuno intermitente.

By now, you’re likely familiar with intermittent fasting. If not, it simply means going for an extended period of time without eating. While fasting is nothing new, in fact humans have been doing it for thousands of year for religious or spiritual practices, and we all practice some form of fasting throughout the day (like when we sleep), it has become increasingly popular in recent years. # These days, it has almost a cult like following of people who believe it’s the end all be all way to eat. And extended fasting does have some benefits. It helps you burn more fat for fuel, increase productivity and mental clarity, and improve many aspects of health. # But just like with anything nutrition related, fasting is a tool, and not necessary for getting great results from your fitness lifestyle. Also, it’s not for everyone. While many people can and have benefited from IF, there are instances when it might not be warranted. # What may not be common knowledge is that fasting is a stressor. When you compound that on top of all the other stressors we face on a daily basis, it can have negative consequences, specifically on hormones. So, if you’re someone who isn’t sleeping well, trains really intensely, and has a demanding career, then it might not be the best option, especially if you feel like you aren’t handling your stress very well. # If you’ve have a history of or are currently struggling wth disordered eating. Fasting can become a slippery slope of pushing your feeding window back later and later as a means of cutting calories. Same is true if it makes you more preoccupied with food. While feel more productive not having to think about or prepare food, others can’t keep their mind off of it until it’s time to eat. # Women, too, must be careful fasting for too long. Their hormones are much more sensitive to stress than men’s, and fasting has been shown to have a negative impact on the hormones necessary for reproduction. If you are a woman, proceed with caution. # If you feel like you’re a good candidate for intermittent fasting, then go ahead and give it a try. Just be sure to check in with yourself regularly to ensure you aren’t experience any negative c

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No es recomendable si:

1- Tienes o has tenido historia de sufrir desórdenes alimenticios.

2- Sueles tener ataques de hambre y comes de más una vez que se termina el periodo de ayuno.

3- Vives pensando con preocupación en la comida durante el periodo de ayuno.

4- Tienes desbalances hormonales.

5- e encuentras en un periodo muy estresante de vida.

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💫THANK YOU FOR 50,000 💫 I’ll never forget my very first Instagram post. It was a video of my aunt’s bedazzled pet tortoise eating a piece of watermelon. 🐢 # A friend had told me about this cool thing called Instagram where I could upload pictures  documenting my life. But while putting my personal life on display for all to see has never really been my thing, I do remember being hooked after that first post, which lead me to continue sporadically posting mostly pictures of my food, dog, and anything that had to do with my beloved Oregon Ducks. 💚💛 # But never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that five years later, I’d be using that space as a platform to share my passion for health, fitness, and nutrition with more than 50,000 people. And for that I am incredibly humbled and grateful. # I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here. For supporting what I know is my calling, and for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge and beliefs. And thank your for confiding in me, sharing your stories and struggles. # It’s my hope that these posts have inspired you in some way to take action towards improving your health and living your best life. # If there’s anything I can do to support you in your journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. I love hearing from you and read and respond to all the messages I receive. 😊💪🏼

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Prácticar el ayuno es un factor de por sí estresante para el cuerpo humano, así que si lo sumamos al estrés diario puede tener consecuencias negativas, específicamente en las hormonas. Si eres una persona que no duerme bien, entrenas intensamente, y tienes una carrera muy demandante, entonces el ayuno no sería la mejor opción para ti.

Pero si sientes que eres una buena candidata para hacerlo, puedes intentarlo si lo deseas, solo debes prestarle atenció a tu cuerpo para que no experimentes ningún tipo de efecto negativo.

Si tienes una buena relación con la comida, si te puedes controlar luego de terminar el ayuno, si te sientes con más energía y alerta durante el ayuno, tienes una buena salud en general y sabes manejar bien el estrés, entonces eres una perfecta candidata para realizar esta dieta con regularidad.

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