Historias que motivan: Perdió 57 kilos en 1 año luego de hacer esto

Jennifer Ginley era una joven de 26 años cuando se encontraba perdidamente enamorada de su novio Luke, con quien salía desde hacía más de 11 años, y además tenían planes de casarse. Pero algo preocupaba a Jennifer, no podía permitirse llegar al altar con su peso de para aquel entonces 120 kilos ¡Entonces perdió 57 kilos para sentirse mucho más segura de sí misma!

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Según relató la joven al The Mirror, comenzó a subir de peso cuando era apenas una adolescente, hecho que se complicó al graduarse de la escuela y alejarse de sus padres, llevándola a ser víctima del sobrepeso, lo que por supuesto además de su apariencia también estaba dañando su salud.

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#throwbackthursday to the day I found a pair of my old jeans, the jeans that used to leave a deep red line across my belly as they were so tight. I was so happy I found them. It makes me so proud that I achieved what I dreamed of for so many years! In this photo I was 10 stone 1lb, a size 8 on top, 10 on bottom. Since I have came out of target I have changed my target a couple of times up and down. I’m really unsure where to go?! ❣️ . I joined SW at 19 stone 4 lb, my first target was 10 stone 4 lb to get my 9 stone award, I surpassed that the day I got to target. I then changed my target to 9 stone 9 lb to achieve halving my starting body weight. I maintained that target for one year. My lightest weight was 9 stone 7 lb. I’m trying to decide whether to set my target for 10 4 or 9 4 (to get my 10 stone award). 🤷‍♀️ . I really want to incorporate body magic and activity into my daily life next year too so I’m taking that into consideration. I have dealt with back injuries for the past year but physio, osteo care and Pilates have helped so much. Should I set it for 10 4 and then up my game on fitness?! If I go lower then great, if I stay the same weight and gain muscle great! 💪 . I know it will all depend what I feel like when I’m at the weight again so this is all hypothetical. I’m just interested in other people’s thoughts about their own target? How did you set it, did you ever change it?? Really intrigued! I always believe setting a target is he right thing to do, equivalent to getting in a car on a long unknown journey with a sat nav. Gives to a destination but you are in the driving seat, you can change it at any point. ❣️ . What do you think about target??? 🎯 . . #slimmingworld#slimmingworldvegan#missslinky2017#sortitseptember#weightlosstransformation#weightlossinspiration#halvedmybodyweight#slimmingworldtransformation#lost9stone

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Unas vacaciones cambiaron su vida

Luego de que su novio le propusiera matrimonio, Ginley decidió rechazar la propuesta ya que no deseaba caminar por el altar o aparecer en las fotografías de un día tan especial, luciendo su cuerpo de una forma que pudiera incomodarla. Así que pidió a Luke que la esperara, hasta que lograra alcanzar el peso adecuado según su estatura y edad.

La joven era tan grande que tenía que utilizar extensiones de cinturón de seguridad y ni siquiera cabía en los asientos de las montañas rusas. Pero luego de unas intensas vacaciones, Jennifer decidió cambiar su vida por completo.

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Honoured to have been featured by @slimmingworldusa again! This is one transformation pic that gets me really emotional. That before picture was taken in June in 2015 in Morocco. I had lost 1 stone in 4 weeks ahead of going there, so I am not at my heaviest. Myself and @lukehagan89 went to Morocco for our ten year anniversary, so many people said Luke would propose when we there. I absolutely knew he wouldn’t. I had always said marriage ‘weren’t for me’, despite knowing exactly what my dream dress would be and knowing exactly how our wedding would look. I always put Luke off and didn’t elude to ever wanting to be married, I made comments like we’d have to own our house first etc. It was all lies, I dreamed of the day I married Luke. I just I knew I couldn’t get married when I was unhappy with myself. Mentally there was so much going on for me at my heaviest. It was a battle. Marriage is just a bonus when you are in a completely joyous and beautiful relationship anyway. Luke had shown me undying love since we were 15 years old, as I did him. I just always knew how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day. I lost weight for me, my health (mental and physical) and my happiness. When Luke proposed to me in December 2016 I had achieved my dream weight 6 months prior. I was LIVING my best life. I said yes without hesitation and sobbed, not once did worry enter my head, no bridal diet required. I was so content. We planned our wedding in 6 weeks. The last thing we got?! My dress! Just two days before our wedding I had my final fitting as my beautiful @pronovias size 10 gown had to be taken in, in quite a few places. That gown was shipped over last minute. There was one left, It was like it was waiting for me? I have never and probably will never feel as beautiful as I did on our wedding day. Walking towards Luke down that aisle and seeing his face is something that gives me butterflies at the very thought. It was indescribable. If you have a long way to go to achieve your dreams don’t let that discourage you. Get started, the time will pass anyway. Don’t exist with your dreams as only thoughts. I promise you, you can do it. 🌈🦋

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“Tuve que pedir un alargador para el cinturón de seguridad en el avión, y viajar allí en asientos ajustados para gente más grande.” Contó la joven. Además asegura que luego de tomarse una foto con ‘La Sirenita’ su personaje favorito de Disney quedó completamente horrorizada, por su apariencia.

Me veía con tan mala salud que lloré, preguntándome cómo y por qué me había hecho eso a mí misma”. Contó Jennifer al diario The Mirror.

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I took pictures throughout my weight loss in underwear, putting them side by side shocks even me. Those transformation pictures show the physical transformation on another level. Those pictures only serve me although and I’d never share them, I find there is something a bit more private with a swimsuit?! Anyway, on the left I think I was around 17 stone, on the right at the end of our honeymoon last year I was probably around 10 and a half stone, maybe a little more. Therefore not at my lightest or heaviest in these photos. ❤️ As I have openly communicated, since I got back from our Honeymoon I’ve struggled to get back into weight loss mode. The struggle put me in a worse place and since being home I’ve even added to that gain. Not massively but enough for me to feel uncomfortable and do a little soul searching. After months of what has felt like me really trying it felt impossible to get back into the right mindset. Then I remembered it may seem impossible but it’s been done and will be done again. I lost over 9 stone in one year purely by committing 100%, the ‘how important is a weight loss to you this week’ was always answered in group with a ‘very’. 🌈 The final time I joined SW I just decided to surrender, realise diets and quick fixes weren’t real and were destroying me. I committed to change and that’s what I focused on, not results. When that happens the results come, that’s been a missing key in my thought process the last few months. Focus on change and you’ll get the results, it never works the other way. 🌟 Questions I’m usually asked – I am 5 foot 5 (and a half 😂) and after losing 9 stone 11 lb naturally I only had a real issue with lose skin on my tummy. 7 months after reaching my target I had an abdominoplasty; excision of lose skin from my lower tummy. Something you would not have noticed in my clothing. As you can see I have big thighs, wobbly on the inside, some may call that lose skin but I’m fine with my body, overjoyed what I have an what I’ve achieved physically and mentally. Have a beautiful day. 🦋 #believeinyourself P.S. I have put my username on thee pictures to try and reduce the fake weight loss crap using my pictures. 😊

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Lo que hizo para adelgazar: tener fuerza de voluntad

Ginley decidió unirse a la organización Slimming Woril, la cual se encarga de ayudar a las personas a bajar de peso y las acompaña en el difícil proceso.

“Había intentado muchas dietas en el pasado, pero todas parecían hacer que la comida fuera el enemigo, así que nunca renunciaba a mi relación con el exceso de comida y nada parecía funcionar para mí”. Aseguró Jennifer.

Luego de realizar una dieta especial y varios entrenamientos, la joven mujer logró bajar 57 kilos en un año, prácticamente la mitad de su peso anterior. Una cifra que definitivamente la dejo irreconocible, sana y sobre todo feliz con ella misma.

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#facetofacefriday A little bit of inspiration for myself this morning. In the after picture I was close to my smallest with a total weight loss of 9 stone 10lb, it was the day of mine and @lukehagan89 engagement party (end of Feb 2017), I was a size 6/8 on top and size 8/10 on bottom. I felt SO good, so full of energy, so comfortable in my own skin and clearly feelin’ myself because @mollykirk_makeup had worked her magic on my mush! 💄 I’m quite a way away from my that physical form but I’m on my way back to where I was mentally then and I’m feeling SO excited!! My faith in myself is growing every day and I’m looking forward to the weight loss becoming consequential. I’ve had a funny old few months and have not felt my happiest or my healthiest. But I looked in the mirror this morning and I felt like Cornelius Fudge when he sees Voldemort at the end of Order of the Phoenix; he’s back!! I woke up feeling determined, excited and focussed. I have that twinkle in my eyes back. I couldn’t help but smile to myself! I’m so ready to achieve what I’ve set out to do. Our bodies are a biological creation and they will achieve anything we want them to, it’s our mind we have to work on. I’m working on it and feeling so, so motivated. My previous achievements assure me that this unhappiness and discomfort I’ve been feeling is merely temporary. I’m on my way back to my best! Never, ever, ever, ever give up on yourself people. We all have weaknesses and how we improve our life is by identifying them, facing them head on and working to reduce the affect they have on our lives. Food is very swiftly being put back in its place by me, it is ONLY food. Have a fabulous day people and eat the rainbow 🌈🦋 Remember willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets! Get flexing people 💪 #slimmingworld#slimmingworldvegan#missslinky2017#flawlessaugust#weightlosstransformation#imready#onmywaybacktomybest

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Nuevo plan de alimentación

Hoy en día, incluye en su menú: diferentes tipos de ensaladas, verduras, frutas como las prefiera y postres saludables.

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This evening I took all my gorgeous social team for dinner for a Christmas thank you. A Slimming World group is nothing without a social team. I am so, so very lucky that I have such thoughtful, hardworking, kind, intelligent beauties helping me week in, week out. @cginner_x, @laurenh86, @sandrahagan05, @cath_sw, @lisaquadey, @chloepriorx, @gem_lou_85, Dawn, Sophina and my queen. Shoutout to my nephew Hayden and nieces Indi and Isla who also are great Hifi bar carriers 😆. A night full of laughter, a gorgeous carvery and desserts (syn free of course 😏). I think a roast is my most favourite meal ever! @tobycarvery syn values all on the app 👌 #slimmingworld #slimmingworldvegan #tobycarveryvegan #tobycarbery #swsocialteam

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Snacks to enjoy whilst catching up on @imacelebrity. @pinkladyappleuk (always), a gorgeous sweet clementine (both speed free), 16 almonds (HE B choice) and 250ml of @alpro dark chocolate almond milk (HE A choice) warmed to be a hot chocolate. 🍎🍊🌰🍫 Using of one my three gorgeous mug from @teapleasecouk, I’m a sucker for personalised anything and these are the best mug wise. The writing isn’t a sticker or poor quality text that rubs off with washing. This one had my name on the back and a heart ❣. This one was kindly #gifted to me but I’ve bought many, this is not a #paidad but some people may say it is an #ad as it is gifted so there is the hashtag for you kidders. ✌️ These mugs are gorgeous gifts for people. I was sent this a while back, and was never, and have never been asked by @teapleasecouk to post anything. This is a genuine recommendation. If you have followed me for long enough you will know I only recommend a company if I have spent my own hard earned money on their products. 😊 P.S. is there anything better than reverting to childhood and belting out Disney songs when life is a bit too adult?! I don’t think so 🧜‍♀️ #slimmingworld #slimmingworldvegan #synfreesnacks #synfreehotchocolate #gorgeousmug #teapleaseuk

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El antes y el después

Para sus familiares y amigos, el antes y después de Jennifer fue realmente impactante. Por lo que afirman que parece otra persona. Pero lo más importante es que la joven ahora se sentía cómoda, segura y lista para casarse.

Así que luego de una larga pero afortunada espera, su novio estaba listo para proponerle matrimonio nuevamente.

“Allí estaba yo, admirando la majestuosidad que es ‘Howarts’ en la nieve (se encontraban en Warner Studios) y luke, mi mejor amigo, el amor de mi vida y alma gemela, se hincó sobre una rodilla, abrió una pequeña caja negra revelando el anillo más increíble en el que he puesto mis ojos.” Escribió Jennifer en su cuenta de Instagram.

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#throwbackthursday to my photo shoot with @slimmingworld magazine. That will always be one of the most surreal days of my life. The whole experience was just amazing!! I felt like I was floating on air all day and to have my Mum there with my throughout was so amazing. I felt fabulous in all the outfits. Only 3 were chosen for the magazine but I wore so many, that long one being one that weren’t used. On that day I was bang on my target of 9 stone 9 lb and was wearing all size 8 clothes. I’m finding so much motivation flicking through photos of myself at that time, not because of my weight or size but because of how happy I was!!!!! If you have seen the pictures of me in the magazine you’ll have seen that I’m just basically laughing! I laughed, smiled and grinned all day! I WILL be back into my size 8 & 10 clothes by the time I jet off to Florida in March, and more importantly I will be as comfortable in my skin and as happy as I was. I’ve got just over 6 months of hard work and I KNOW I can do it. Let’s DO IT beautiful humans. We don’t wake up one day and have all of the motivation, ability, skills and determination to be where we want to be. It takes practice. We change our life by changing our daily habits. Never forget willpower is like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets. If there are people out there you admire for their achievements, remember they’re no different to you, they have just made different choices. Therefore the power to change lies with you and you only. Have a gorgeous Thursday you lovely lot 🌈🦋 #slimmingworld#slimmingworldvegan#missslinky2017#freshfruit#myfavourite#eattherainbow#slimmingworldmagazine#slimmingworldphotoshoot#behindthescenes#slimmingworldcovergirl#incredibleexperience

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¡Busca tu propia motivación y pierde tantos kilos como quieras!

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